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How to be a Safe Smartphone User

Look around and you're likely to find that most people - regardless of age - are texting, playing on, surfing and even working from their mobile devices. Smart phones, tablets and handheld devices guarantee our constant access to our friends, family and work no matter where we are. Nevertheless most people hold their handheld devices very close to their faces. This kind of reading can really be a strain on your eyes.

Because everyone holds smart phones so close, our eyes end up working hard, just to focus on text and images. Eventually, research shows this may cause difficulty with focus and vision, especially if you already use vision correction, like glasses or lenses. Some research shows evidence that when people who wear glasses have a lot of small screen time, the eyes have a rough time correcting for distance. When your eyes are under unnecessary pressure, it generally leads to unpleasant headaches or migraines as a result of the eyestrain.

But that's not all. Holding your smartphone too close can make you blink less, which can lead to dry eyes and make it harder to see clearly.

In order to lessen these symptoms caused by handheld devices, as eye care professionals, we recommend that you hold the phone further away, and make the text a little bigger, so you can still read it. It's also good to try using your device in shorter increments, and letting your eyes have lots of rests. So be smart about the way you use your mobile devices and care for your eyes to ensure that your vision is protected.

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