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Winter Eye Care Advice… Don’t Forget your Sunglasses

You read correctly. Sunglasses are not just an important accessory in the summer. Although many people are aware of the dangers the sun presents to our eyes in the summertime, we don't all realize that it is essential to take precautions in the winter as well.

In reality, the ultraviolet rays that beat down on you during the warm season are still around in the winter. And they pose a problem to your eyes, particularly when bounced off a bright snow-covered ground. Those of you who love vacations that involve outdoor winter sports should be extra cautious because you'll spend an extended amount of time in the intense reflected sunlight which is potentially harmful to the eye. It's very important to guard your eyes from UV rays.

So what measures should you take to protect your eyes in the winter months? Eye doctors advise wearing sunglasses with strong UV protection, so ensure that you invest in a quality pair of sunglasses because you'll wear it the entire year. Purchase a pair that is fitting and completely protects your eyes.

Our professionals can help you to make sure you're selecting sunglasses that will suit your needs. In addition, there are many options for lenses and we are here to help you choose the combination that suits your lifestyle. Don't neglect your eyes on the ski slopes either. The right set of ski goggles having polycarbonate lenses can help defend your eyes from renegade branches, flying ski pole tips and other slope hazards.

This winter make sure you sport your shades... you will see the difference.

As required under Michigan Executive Order 2020-21, our office will be closed through April 13, 2020.  If you have ordered contact lenses or eyeglasses, we will make arrangements with you to have your order sent directly to your residence.  If you have less than a two-month supply of contact lenses, please contact us and we will be happy to place an order for you. 

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If you would like to schedule an appointment for a date after April 14, 2020, please contact us and leave a message and we will reply to schedule the appointment.  Together we will weather this storm.  Thank you for your continued support and stay safe,,9309,7-387-90499_90705-522626--,00.html