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Serving You with Expert Eye Care in Plymouth, MI

With personalized attention and a smile given to every patient, we offer a full range of eye health and vision care services. From the moment you step into our hi-tech, pleasant office, you’ll receive superior, first-rate treatment from our friendly, professional optometrist and entire optical team. We invite all members of your family, from infants to golden-agers, to join our Progressive Family Eye Care practice. Located conveniently to welcome patients from Plymouth Township, Livonia, and Northville, MI, we’re pleased to see that our family is constantly growing!

Whether you require a comprehensive eye exam, management for glaucoma and other diseases, treatment for eye infections or different eye care services… our eye doctor will satisfy all your ocular health needs. If you have an urgent problem and there’s no time to schedule an appointment in our Plymouth clinic, we’re experienced and happy to assist with Emergency Eye Care. In case you wake up one morning with red eye or oozing pink eye, or if something suddenly gets stuck in your eye, contact us immediately for ocular emergencies or foreign object removal. Our optical is stocked with the latest in designer eyeglasses, visit our eyeglasses and contact lens page for a list of frames we carry.

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Hand Finished Eyewear, Made in America

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We believe that everyone deserves a pair of eye glasses that showcases their unique style. Whether it is designer frames, sunglasses or children's glasses we have a fantastic selection for all your eye care needs. Please take a look at the frames our optical carries as we are proud of our extensive selection of the latest designer eyeglasses.

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Contact lens technology has improved so much in the last few years. Contacts are now available in daily all the way to yearly disposable, and everything in between. Big changes have been made to the comfort for dry eyes sufferers and the availability of contact lenses for hard to fit patients.

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Protecting your eyes from UV rays that damage your eye site is a year long necessity. Luckily, we offer some really fashionable sunglasses in a wide variety of styles. Sunglasses are especially important in children who receive 3 times more exposure to UV, during the winter month due to the glare from the snow, and for those who spend a lot of time driving.

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Our Patients Say

Our Eye Doctor:


Dr. Sarah DiPonio-Tulchinsky, O.D.

Dr. Sarah DiPonio-Tulchinsky grew up in Plymouth, MI where she attended Salem High School. She received her Bachelor of Arts degree from Kalamazoo College with a major in biology and minor in sociology. She then moved to Chicago, IL where she earned her Doctorate of Optometry degree from the Illinois...

Vision Vs. Health Insurance

Our Patients from Plymouth, Northville MI and the surrounding areas frequently ask us "what is the difference between vision insurance and health insurance when it comes to visiting our Optometrist.

Learn More about the difference between vision and medical insurance.

  • VSP®
  • Humana Vision
  • Eyemed
  • NVA
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • Medicare
  • Heritage Vision Plans
  • Heritage Vision Plans through Ford Motor Company
  • Spectera Vision
  • United Health Care Vision
  • BCBS Vision

Oasys One Day Contacts

Are you interested in contact lenses? Do you often experience eye fatigue after hours staring at a screen? Are your eyes often dry and uncomfortable?

Watch this short video about the critically acclaimed new daily contact lenses which have got rave reviews about their comfort-ability, ability to reduce feelings of dryness, and overall ease of use.

Our Mission

  • To provide the highest level of eye care for the entire family in a friendly and comfortable environment
  • To personalize each patient experience to meet their unique needs
  • To instill a feeling in our patients that they received the best care possible
  • To protect the health of our patients’ eyes and preserve their vision while promoting healthy lives

Eye Allergies

Why do my eyes get itchy and watery during allergy season?

Exposure to allergens in the environment, particularly in the Spring and Fall can lead to a condition called allergic conjunctivitis. The most common environmental allergens during allergy season are pollen, weeds and grass. Contact with these allergens starts the allergic cascade in your eye tissues which could result in itching, watering, redness, inflammation, mucous discharge or a gritty feeling. A person may experience one or all of these symptoms depending on the severity of the allergic response.

Is there anything that an Optometrist can do to help with the symptoms?

Absolutely! An Optometrist can examine and evaluate the eyes in order to make a diagnosis of allergic conjunctivitis and rule out other potential causes for the patient’s symptoms. An Optometrist can then develop an appropriate treatment plan based on the patient’s symptoms and examination. Treatment could include prescription eye drops to decrease the allergic response. Additional eyedrops to decrease swelling and inflammation may also be necessary depending on severity. It is important to work with your eye doctor to appropriately treat and manage eye allergies.

Is it common to feel uncomfortable wearing contacts during allergy season? What can I do about it?

Yes. Symptoms related to allergic conjunctivitis can make contact lens wear difficult during allergy season. Again, working with your Optometrist to manage your allergic response is critical. Changing to daily disposable contact lenses or using a hydrogen peroxide based contact lens solution may also be recommended

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